Sapphira (5) and Alexia (2) dress up to show you how to “visit a shrine” for New Year prayers for Mochitsuki PDX. After watching the video, go to to try our Virtual Hatsumode Experience!

Hatsu-mode literally means “first visit.” In Japan, it is the first visit to a shrine or temple in the New Year to give thanks and pray for the rest of the days to come. Some sources say the 90,000+ shrines in Japan are visited by over 100 million people in Japan during the first three days of the year!

*This video is made for how to Hatsumode at the Mochitsuki festival in Portland at our booth. Actual order of etiquette for shrine visits vary with the shrine/sect and regions. For detailed instructions we recommend the following site by the Tokyo Prefecture (in Japanese, but with videos).

Hatsumode Activity @ 2020 Mochitsuki – Portland State University Viking Pavilion. Over 120 prayers received. Thank you!

About Konko Church

Mochitsuki tries to make cultural experiences possible to our local community by local groups. There is no Shinto shrine in Portland, however, the Konko Faith has roots in Shinto which continue the spirit of Shinto and traditions such as Hatsumode.

Our roots…Shintoism in Konko (5 min video)

Visit our website to learn more about the Konko Church.

Established 1931
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