This is an abridged version of our New Year’s prayer for 2021, asking the Buddha, bodhisattvas, and all the gods to bless everyone with a safe, prosperous, and fulfilling 2021. Here, Rev. Eisei Ikenaga reads excerpts from two chapters of the Lotus Sutra: “Nyori Juryo-hon” (Ch. 16) and “Darani-hon” (Ch. 26). Chapter 16 affirms the eternal life of the Buddha and the enduring truth of the Buddha’s wisdom. Chapter 26 is an aggregation of the incantation of five powerful gods, to summon them to protect deserving believers of the Buddha’s teachings, and to guide them to fulfill their worthy aspirations. Reading in English begins at 4:22 of the video.

About Nichiren Buddhist Temple

Nichiren Buddhism was founded in Japan by Nichiren Shonin in 1253 (Kamakura Period). It is one of the 13 traditional denominations of Japanese Buddhism. Our main text of faith is the Lotus Sutra. Our main temple, Kuonji, is located at Mount Minobu, Yamanashi Prefecture. Nichiren Buddhist Temple of Portland is located at 2025 SE Yamhill St., Portland, OR 97214 Tel: 503-235-8292.

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