This video presents a brief explanation of the community group Japanese Women Portland, followed by a demonstration of two different designs for making Japanese New Year’s cards. In Japan, New Year’s cards are an important part of communication and tradition. The examples presented use origami, ribbons, as well as some simple calligraphy and drawing.

About Japanese Women Portland

Japanese Women Portland (JWPDX) was established in January 2012 as Portland Japan Girls (PJG) for Japanese women who are from Japan that are living in Portland either temporarily or permanently. JWPDX is a Japanese women’s community group with over 580 Japanese nationals living in Portland. JWPDX supports Japanese women’s future opportunities and their interests by organizing meetings and events in Portland. Over the 8 years, JWPDX has actively volunteered at various community events in the Portland area including Mochitsuki. JWPDX also has subgroups such as mothers’ group, startup group and dog lovers’ group.



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