Paul Matsushima will be reading his book “Thank You Very Mochi” for this year’s virtual Mochitsuki. A Story of Culture, Tradition, and Family. When Kimi and her family visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house for New Year’s mochitsuki, they discover the mochi-machine is broken. After initial fears that mochitsuki will be canceled, Grandpa proposes an interesting, yet old-fashioned solution of making mochi the hand-pounded way. Full of tradition and culture, this imaginative children’s book will “pound” into children’s hearts the importance of family relationships and cultural traditions. Sure to be a meaningful treat for the entire family.

About Paul Matsushima

Paul Matsushima wrote Thank You Very Mochi and When I’m in J-Town with Sophie Wang and Craig Ishii. He is active in Los Angeles’ Japanese American community and is a board member for the Asian American and Pacific Islander Christians for Social Justice. By day, he works as an operations specialist.

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