…or how not to eat?

I love mochi! YOU love mochi!! WE ALL love mochi!!! …wait, what IS mochi exactly? Do you know the difference between sweet rice and regular rice? Mochi made from grain vs powder? We’ll show you, and favorite ways people like to eat mochi. Sweet or savory? Fresh soft, in soups, or crispy chewy pan fried? What’s your favorite? “My favorite way to eat mochi” survey click here! and the Emcee will announce the top three choices at the end of the month during the main event! A special thank you to Chris Cross and team for the beautiful photos and videos of our mochi you took years ago that made this video possible!

Mochi beginnings at Konko Church

Konko Church currently makes fresh mochi labeled “Bachan’s Mochi” once a month as a fundraiser. How did it all start? Raised in Nagasaki by a grandmother who ran an oden cart and made gigantic ohagi and a grandfather who made traditional sweets, Michie Sensei watched and learned the trades. After coming to America, making Okagami and anko mochi for church services, Hiroshi’s Anzen asked her to make for them for their store. Every piece is cut and molded by hand, including the okagami mochi. After Anzen closed, we offered our mochi to Uwajimaya, who asked for our label and name. Since we didn’t have one, we brain stormed many names: mochi mochi, Konko mochi, happy mochi, etc. Then hearing Bachan mumble, “…but it’s My mochi,” “Bachan’s mochi” was born!

As making mochi is labor and time intensive, it is not the ideal fundraiser. So much so that if it was not 100% volunteer made like it is, we would be in the red. However, sharing happiness and serving our community has always been part of our mission, so we continue on. This is also why we joined Mochitsuki to provide free mochi samples for the festival many years ago. Gave out over 3,000 samples last year! We hope to be able to see everyone’s smiling faces again soon!

Visit our website to learn more about the Konko Church.

Established 1931

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