Tired of home cooking? Dreaming of delicious Japanese food like fancy Kaiseki in Japan? To cook rice without using a rice cooker is much easier than you think. Please give it a try after watching this 6 minute video. Freshly cooked rice turns any side dish into special Japanese cuisine. Rice and Furikake… mouth-watering! Consul Hiroaki Sato explains how to check for quality and freshness when selecting the rice to buy. He then shows how to measure, rinse, wash, and cook rice. He also describes how to mix in some sweet mochi rice to change both its flavor and texture. To learn more about rice Sato-san suggests visiting the website “Rice from Japan – What makes it so good?” at https://zenbeiyu.com/english/japan-rice/pride.

About Consul Hiroaki Sato

Consul Hiroaki Sato works at the Consular Office of Japan in Portland and playfully proclaims himself the Rice Ambassador from Japan. He was born in Hiroshima and graduated from Hiroshima University, School of Applied Biological Science in 2000. He was in the Ministry of Agriculture in Japan and moved to Oregon in 2019 from Chigasaki, Japan.

The Consular Office of Japan in Portland exclusively serves the state of Oregon and Southern Idaho.  The relationship between Japan and the states of Oregon and Idaho continues to be a broad and favorable one, based on mutual exchanges in the fields of political, economic and cultural benefit.  It is our goal to continue, support and develop this relationship, and through the daily activities of this office, to be a helpful presence to the Japanese and local communities.  Furthermore, this office aims to go beyond its fundamental political and economic duties and devote itself to providing services and information to deepen the understanding of Japan in the region.