This fun and educational video introduces many of the things associated with Mochitsuki, the pounding of rice to make mochi. The viewer is asked to try and guess the answers to trivia questions about mochitsuki such as when it takes place and even the sound that is made during mochitsuki. Informative and entertaining for the entire family. This video was produced by the Portland State University Institute for Asian Studies and the Japanese Program in the Department of World Languages and Literatures.

About Portland State University – Institute for Asian Studies

Portland State University’s Institute for Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary, administrative unit connecting over 70 faculty and academic professionals, across more than 30 departmental units at Portland State University. It is a resource on Asia for the campus and wider community promoting public awareness, research, training, and curricular development on all parts of Asia..

About Portland State University – Japanese Program

The Japanese Program offers MA, BA, Minor, and Certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language. Students work on communicative skills to converse and discuss on various topics, read correspondence and literature, and write practical messages. Check their website at: PSU’s Japanese Program works closely with the Center for Japanese Studies (URL: that hosts public lectures by distinguished scholars of Japan, non-academic professionals, and business people to share their Japan/America cross-cultural knowledge and experience.

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