Mizuba Tea Co.

Take a Matcha Moment! ®

Portland-local and woman-owned Mizuba Tea Co. works with small family matcha producers in Uji, Japan to bring truly beautiful, traditional, and pure matcha green tea of integrity to our community. As a direct-trade company and a recognized “Official Uji Cha Tea Dealer,” Mizuba Tea Co. personally knows, visits, and counts as friends the matcha green tea producers who strive to uphold Uji matcha heritage – and share it with you!  

Matcha is iconic to Japan’s culture as the star of the Tea Ceremony and is considered the pearl of Japanese green tea. Uji as a region is especially famous and renowned as the birthplace of the tea ceremony, and also where Japan’s first tea seeds were planted and expertly cultivated. Each Mizuba Matcha tea is lovingly crafted from shade-grown tencha tea leaf and slowly stone-milled into a fine matcha powder that you can either whisk traditionally, contemporarily shake in a thermos, or blend into a latte. What’s more, Mizuba is certified-organic, nonGMO, certified radiation-free, certified heavy-metal free, gluten-free, and 100% delicious! A taste of Japan is not far away once you open a tin of Mizuba Matcha. Whether you make matcha your daily ceremony, or enjoy shaking up matcha on the go (perhaps during your morning commute), by choosing MIZUBA MATCHA, you’re ensuring the iconic traditions of Uji matcha & Japan live on.

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